Saturday, September 10, 2005


A Weighty Matter

Well, Dave’s been after me to blog. I always have good intentions, but it never seems to get past that. My family always has me rolling with laughter or stunned speechless. Here is one little gem that illustrates the latter.

[A conversation between Dave and I]

Dave: I had a dream the other night that you had long hair and weighed 125.

Maren: Really? 125?

Dave: Yeah. You know you could weigh that.

Maren: Dave! That’s 20 lbs less than I weighed when we met! (Not to mention now that I’ve had four kids and neglected myself!!) And I was thin then!

Dave: You could do it.

Maren: Alright. I’ll get down to 125 if you get down to 135. (This is 20 lbs less than he weighed when we met. He is also more than that these days.)

Dave: 135?!?!?

Maren: Yeah. If I’m supposed to go down 20 lbs from my initial weight, that should be your goal, too.

Dave: I would be skin and bones if I weighed that much.

Maren: I would be skin and bones if I weighed 125.

Dave: But…I’M A MAN!!

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