Thursday, April 07, 2005


Settings update

Well, I finally got my settings changed to allow anyone to comment. All two of you that read this. Happy now?

I have nothing to blog about....

My house is clean and there hasn't been a poop explosion for a few hours. Life is good. And very very very pathetic.

Maren, Ethan is poopy right now. :)
You know where the wipes are....
Hey, I feel at home with this subject.

Is life good but loud? Our boys are like little toys that scream when you shake them. And they shake each other a lot.

Devon and Caleb seem a lot less strident from what I've seen... although it was hard to tell if that was just shy-shock from lots of people around. My kids get past the shy-shock quickly, and revert to very-loud.

I can never remember how old Ethan is... 6 months younger than Nathan? Nathan is 2.5, though he can speak almost as well as Jeremy can, and without the lisp.
my wife is surrounded by poop and mess 24/7. I will tell you the same thing I tell her. Your life is not pathetic. You are doing what half of women have wimped out of because it was to hard. Yor are actually raising your children.
Congratulations. You are strong.

Much Love

Hey, Marv! I did read your blog before, and even tried to comment on how *I* wanted to read your brainfarts, but couldn't comment then. Now I can! And my comment is: No poop explosions? High five!

And, no offense to J, I'll agree with you that you can be strong AND pathetic. :P My life is pathetic, too, but at least I haven't resorted to blogging... *snicker*

Love you!
I personally would like to know where all the "strong" men are hiding in the child rearing world.
I have a friend who is the care giver in his family because his wife likes to work and he likes to be with the kids.
I'm hiding at work, myself. :)

I'd love to be the stay-at-home dad. But I have to grudgingly admit that women are designed better in all ways to be mothers.

So, I get to go to work (where they often feed me pizza). And Heather gets the easy life of Bon-Bons and soap operas, basking at home in the happy glow from our the little angels. *sigh*

Was the Perkins house a feminist training camp?
I think it should all come down to the bottom line, if mom can make more working than dad and dad can take care of the kids for more that a couple hours at a time.....I would be at work (I have no kids to base this off of though)
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