Sunday, May 22, 2005


Fish and Lobster

We went fishing yesterday. They had stocked Wilson Ponds Thursday or Friday, so we decided Saturday would be a great time for the boys’ first fishing experience. The ponds weren’t too busy, and we fished at an inlet where about 25 fish were hanging out picking worms off of hooks. So we fished. Caleb “caught” a fish when Dave handed him his pole, telling Caleb it was his turn to fish. Caleb was delighted to catch a fish so quickly. I tried to do the same with Devin, but as he was reeling it in the fish escaped. Then I caught a fish. I re-baited the hook, tossed it in, and handed the pole to Devin to hold while I took care of Ethan for a minute. And that’s how he caught his fish. At nearly the same moment, Dave caught a fish. So we caught four fish. I had caught one Thursday night when Dave and I went fishing. So we had fish for dinner today. Dave grilled them. The boys loved it. Both the fish and the fact that they were eating something they had caught.

As for the lobster... Well, that’s me. I remembered to TAKE the sunscreen, just not to APPLY it. Even Dave burned slightly. Ethan was a tad pink, but I didn’t notice even any pinkness on Devin and Caleb. I, however, fried. Very red. Very sore. Very lobster-esque. That’s what I get for being so "white and delightsome".

2 weeks ago was the Father & Son campout, and I took all 5 boys (plus one of Alex's friends). We got to fish, and they loved it. The pond is stocked, and I can't imagine anyone casting more than twice without a bite. It's a really easy form of fishing.

The kids were delighted to pull a flopping slimy critter from the water, and they watched in morbid fascination as I banged each fish's head against a rock, spraying stinky fish blood across my arms and hands. The younger 3 weren't in the least bit upset by it, but me & Jed & Alex were pretty disturbed about bludgeoning a living creature to death while it strangled on air and flopped helplessly.

Then I gutted the little boys' fish. They were bored by this; there wasn't enough flopping around, I guess. They were mildly interested about carrying the fish to the fireplace grill, and they enjoyed snarfing the fish when it was cooked, as well.

But mostly they just wanted to catch salamanders with the fishing net, and then see if they could skip them on the water.

That lake must be the aquatic version of a Nazi prison camp. All the fish & salamanders lurk in terror, not knowing when they'll be yanked up by heartless human youngsters to be banged to death, or stored in a bucket with 30 other hapless captives, or hurled viciously across the surface of the lake.

It also rained ALL night long, so that in the morning I had 6 kids playing happily in slightly grassy mud. Poor me, I had to bring home the filthy muddy shoes & clothes all by myself (so that Heather could spend hours cleaning them.)

Anyway, that's my fishing story. :)
SOmehow just cutting the heads off seems more human than bludgening them against a rock in front of your kids (or anyone).
WHY were you letting them skip live creature across the water!
I wonder if this is the same Anonymous that left another post a post a while back. I deleted it. I think that someone who makes self-righteous, critical statements and then doesn't even put their name to them doesn't deserve to be published.

Oh, heavens! Let's call PITA, shall we? People were FISHING! Of all the terrible things to do! And boys were playing! Yelp!
Just a note, it's a bit difficult to keep a fish fresh in the water sans head.

Get a sense of humor, and learn to understand those of others. And the beam out of your own eye first, eh?

And while you're at it... learn how to spell.
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