Sunday, May 08, 2005


Mother's Day

Last night I was doing laundry. I know that is stating the obvious, as I am ALWAYS doing laundry, but anyway... There was a batch of towels and rags that had had to be washed, and when they came out of the dryer at 1:00 am, I really didn't feel like folding them. I hated that I would have to look at a basket of unfolded items all day Sunday, but decided I would just deal with it.

This morning when I got up, Devin and Caleb greeted me. "Good morning, Mom." (in stereo even!) Devin says, "We folded all of the towels and rags." Caleb says, "Yes. And that is the supwise!" How sweet! Talk about starting my day off right! I even managed to just be happy about it, and not be disturbed or lecture about Sunday activities. :) But then my precious dears would NOT go up with the Primary children to do the Mother's Day mini program. *sigh* I was very sad about that. Oh, well. That would have been their first Sacrament Meeting singing with the Primary. I finally have kids old enough to be up there. But they would not go. Wonder where they get their dislike of being infront of large groups of people?? Nobody say it. :)

After Sacrament Meeting we got our obligatory (stinky but pretty) pink geranium. Now, I cannot grow flowers for the life of me. Black thumbs. So I look forward to this annual ritual, for then I will have a living flower in my home for about a month until is is completely dead. So I was happy to get my flower. Unfortunately, I put it on top of the car as I was loading Norah into the back seat. The rest is history... So no flower in my house this year. :( Oh, well. LOL

[I had taken Dave's car to church, and he took the kids in the van. I left church early because I have a very "out" neck and am perpetually looking at things slightly sideways. I had to lead the music in Sacrament Meeting, but that was about as far as I could make it. Dave stayed with the rest of the kids.]

Aww, poor flower! Poor neck!

They finally gave us a cut rose instead of a geranium this year. :) Yay! I can throw it away sooner. lol

Sorry the punks wouldn't go sing to you. We didn't even have a primary program, just speakers - and I got to be one. :) We all spoke on women in the scriptures, and I gave a talk on Eve that got tons of praise! I stole it all from a book, too. :)

Happy late Mother's Day!
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